Monday, March 07, 2005

See, if you're going to fall off the stash diet wagon, you might as well throw yourself off with an unknown vengence.

Not to let you all think that freddyknits shamed me into this post, but my camera returns from Ethiopia today, so I was going to wait until tonight to take pictures of my new yarn and show you.

Because words do not do justice to the wonder of 4 balls of dark blue with various flecks 100% cashmere at 1/2 off that came home with me on Saturday.

Plus, I could hide it with all the pictures of the almost finished patch purse.

oh, patch purse. Even though you are a shop sample, I will still take some old denim and line you. That way I only have to tie up all your intarsia induced ends and not actually weave them in.

But, seriously now... YARN STORE SALE IN 2 WEEKS! mwahahahahaha

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