Wednesday, March 30, 2005

No More Yarn For Me

Ugh. I should not be trusted around yarn anymore.

After last weeks fiascos of the Koigu socks and Colinette vest, I thought ok, we'll just take a break for awhile. But I was going on a road trip, so hey, I'll bring along the crochet shawl!

Ugh. Last night I realized some problems.

1. 10 balls is supposed to give me 32 squares. 1 ball did not quite give me 3 squares.
2. I have severely messed up a square. No worries, I'll just rip out the offending rounds.
3. Oh yeah, mohair doesn't rip.
4. Yarn shouldn't go to my sister's house again. Or at least it should stay in the car. 2 days and it's stinky stinky (they smoke in their house).

Oh well, at least the weather's getting nice so I can air it out on the porch...

PS- Thanks for the people who replied to my apperance issues. Beth-- as soon as you mentioned it was looking OK for you all of a sudden, it started looking OK for me too. WEIRD.

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illanna said...

Your super duper Barb Walters interview is up at my blog! Looks like you are the interview queen.