Thursday, July 28, 2005


Yesterday was my birthday.

New resolutions abounded. My new years resolutions are all very practical.

1. Read 52 books
2. Make 20 non-fiction
3. Lose 20 lbs
4. Start retirement saving
5. Be nicer.

My birthday resolutions are more, um, whimsical?

1. (Blatently stolen from Keely) If I'm going to look like I live in a catalog, at least make it Anthropologie, and not the one I actually look like.
2. Write in my journal every day.
3. Think about religion some more.
4. Publish more designs on the website.
5. Be better at sewing, because I can't afford clothes from Anthropologie.
6. Redesign the website.

To facilitate this, I bought a new hat and a new journal.

I love the new hat. (But of course, it looks much better on me than the model. Trust me.)

In the land of knitting, I finished the waist decreases on the Chocolate Decadance sweater...

And in other random blathering about myself...

This is what I am currently


Listening to

Lusting after

Also, KARYS yarn sale! This weekend! Yarn fun!


Kelle said...

Happy Birthday! Love the hat!

freddyknits said...

Happy birthday, belated.

KARYS sale=danger. The yarn I tried to not buy? Rapture, Summer Tweed, Calmer. Good think real paychecks start in a week. Sigh.