Wednesday, July 20, 2005


See, this is not really a post.

This is a post of excuses on why I'm not posting.

This is what has happened since my last post:

1. Flew to DC in back in a day for a job interview that was for a different job than the one I thought I was interviewing for. This happens when you apply for multiple jobs with the same people.
2. Lots of work.
4. Massive power outages
5. My dad coming to help me pack
6. Dan coming home to finish packing
7. The movers coming to take all my stuff to DC
8. Dan going to the airport, changing flights, coming home from the airport and going back the next day.
9. Moving into my friend's house while he's in Europe
10. Figuring out where all the light switches are. And the garbage can. And the pizza cutter. And the corkscrew.

See, I barely have time for knitting, let along blogging about it!

Plus, I have rhumatoid arthritis and in the past few years, it's gotten steadily worse in my hands. Knitting, I think, helps my joints. The thing with arthritis is that if you don't use your joints, you'll lose them, so I try to get all my joints going. It's a delicate balance to know when to stop though, because your joints will never be able to do everything that other people's can and if push them too far, you'll cause damage. But all that wrapping of dishes this weekend and taping boxes and packing and blah over exerted my hands, so I really haven't been knitting because it just plain really hurts. I think my hands will be back up to par in a few days, but until then...

Did I mention Harry Potter?

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freddyknits said...

Hang in there! Come to knitting Tuesday! We love you and miss you and can't believe you are moooooooving.