Tuesday, July 26, 2005


So, I apologize for lack of photos, but I don't really have internets at home and my work computer doesn't have the software to download pictures off my camera.

Ohhh... maybe I should bring all that to knitting tonight. I bet Sweetwaters has interweb access!

Anyway, guess how productive I was last night?

Only in the knitting front, the gerbils still need their cage cleaned but!

Colinette vest=almost done. All the knitting's done, now it's just weaving in all those #@%$%&%#@ ends and knitting the button band and arm bands.

I'm suprised by 2 things:
1. How quickly this actually knit up when it wasn't on time out for being the wrong gauge and therefore way too big
2. How much yarn I have left despite the fact this is 8" bigger than the biggest size listed.

The Chocolate Decadence Sweater:

1. Redid some maths
2. Bought new needle
3. Knit the hem piece. Am now ready to switch to larger needle for body fun!

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