Saturday, July 02, 2005

Slow Saturday at the Yarn Store! Lots of Reviews! Woo!

First off, just as a public service announcement-- 25 days until I'm 25. Woo!

Every Saturday at the Yarn Store starts with someone making a run over to the Kroger next door. The Kroger has a Starbucks. Us knitters need our caffiene!

And look! Ingrid and her Mum came in!

And how do they like that sale bin! (I mean, whom amongst us does not love a Sale Bin?!)

But we got this new book in! And we looked at it and OH.MY.GOD.

This book is amazing.

The photography is amazing. They have all these awesome photos of knit fabric melding with nature. There is an amazing one of a rocky shoreline and when you look closely, most of the smaller rocks are actually knitting. It's just, wow. And one of a fire and when you look closely, the charcoal? Knit. Oh my.

Most of the technique in here is written for the machine knitter, but the information on fibers is universal, and the vast majority of charts work for both. AND most of the techniques that don't explicitly transfer, an advanced knitter should be able to play around with and figure out. If nothing else, this book is filled with inspiration and beauty.


Which, sadly, I can't say for the Fall issue of Family Circle Easy Knitting.

First off, in the "Check This" section, they give credence to the Clan Aran website! ARGH! Why does this taunt me so. Tomorrow, I'm writing a complaint letter. WHY O WHY O WHY.

The magazine goes down from there.

I do say that I want this though:

Of course, when I went to the website to look at this shirt, their online store isn't ready yet and the site is well, I could design that site and I'm not even halfway through my online "Intro to Web Design" class. Um.

But man, I do want that shirt. I like that shirt. I like it even better in the pink that was in the magazine photo.

There is a photo spread of hats knit by kids (14 and under) for kids in need. Those young knitters had some fun and I have to say, they're pretty cool. Nothing I would wear, but um, I would wear if I were 8.

Interview with Louisa Harding that puts most of the focus on the Miss Bea series of books and barely anything about her brand new line of yarn and designs, because, you know, that's not what she would want to be plugging or anything.

An article about how knitting bridges generations.

An article about the bonds kids make when they knit together.

An article on how to knit ruffles on a knitting machine.

On to the designs! This works best if you sit down with your copy, too.

1. A soft shrug. Nice, if you like shrugs.
2. A ruffle-y surplice sweater. Could be nice if, you know, it didn't hit about the bellybutton. Because that's a good end line for all worsted weight mohair sweaters.
3. A pull over with some weird lace that is just ick. I mean, it could be better, but you know, it misses the mark by a wide margin.
4. oooo. a surplice that doesn't go down to a point, it goes up and down to a point and then BUTTONS! Wow. Ugly on a whole new level.
5. Chunky ribbed legwarmers. Meh.
6. Chunky arm warmers. Meh.
7. Chunky ribbed hat that doesn't cover the ears because you know, that's practical.
8. Uninspired thick and thin sweater. I'm sorry, isn't this yarn very 2002? Aren't we over it yet?
9 and 10 are ruffled collars you can add to shirts and stuff. BECAUSE THE RUFF, AFTER BEING OUT OF STYLE SINCE ELIZABETH 1, IS APPARENTLY BACK.
11. Men's sweater. Not overly ugly, but ugh.
12. Men's hoodie. Eh.
13. Ugly Yarn! Ugly Sweater! Ugly! Ugly!
14. Men's cabled button vest. Misses the mark a bit, but overall, ok.
15. Men's striped raglan v-neck. Could be ok, if the color choice didn't burn my eyes.
16. Men's crochet hat and scarf. Kinda funky, if you have a man that doesn't mind ear flaps.

I'm going to take 17-22 together, as it's a spread by designer Melissa Matthay.


Ok, so first off, I hate the way it paints Madison as provincial. Yeah, it's not New York, and you know what? It doesn't want to be. I'd also like to point out that Madison, despite Matthay's claims, is not a small town. It's a small city. I mean, the University alone is bigger than most small towns. 454,000 people is a small city. It's a hell of a lot bigger than Ann Arbor. About 1/2 the size of Detroit.

Anyway... if her designs are what is Manhattan, then THANK GOD THERE ARE PROVINCAL PLACES.

Did I mention the visual pain?

Let's see.
17. Is descriped as a "loose fitting cropped cardigan" knit in bulky yarns. Because, that's a style flattering for um, NO ONE.
18. Shiney, dropped stitch long tunic vest. VISUAL PAIN
19 and 20 are Novelty Yarn scarves, because, people apparently still need patterns for these things.
21. Dropped stitch poncho with Point 5. This just explemplifies the ick factor of this entire spread.


22. Side to side sweater with dropped stitches. Ewwwww.
23-26 are mittens. There's a really nice article on how to knit mittens and these designs are different variations using the basic pattern (stripes, argyle, color blocks). Basic, but a really good article for those who haven't knit mittens before.
28. Kid's sweater. Meh.
29. House scarf and hat for kids. SO CUTE! SO CUTE! SO CUTE!
30. Kid's sweater with an argyle chest. Nice.
31. OH MY GOD. This kid's sweater has a sock monkey face!!!! I knida want to upsize this and knit it for me, but I don't think I'd wear it, but cute for kids and the hipsters in your life. SOCK MONKEY!
32. Crochet fish pillows for baby. Nice (for a baby)
33. Mobile of crocheted animals. Cute.
34. Basic easy baby sweater in garter.
35. Hot water bottle cover. Nice.
36-39 Pillows with animals on them. I think my great-aunt might like one.

And that's that. Painful all around.

To ease our pain, my review of Interweave is coming soon. Promise.


Ingridh said...

Waaaah I look like a chipmunk!
By the way when I went through my wallet to do this months bills I found a certain receipt that says merchant copy and autographed by me...guess we were having too much fun....ummm do you need it?

keelyerin said...


which day did you take from me at the shop? i have that i'm working the 16th and the 30th and i forgot to write down which one you're working :)


Alexandra said...

I so agree about the Mathay designs. She's a nice lady in person, but I have yet to find yarn or patterns I wanted in her shop.

Demetrius Verret said...

Enjoyed reading your posts.