Wednesday, July 13, 2005

That BOOM is my head exploding


My London cohort has been accounted for an are alive and well and some are even coming to visit in September. Hot diggidy damn.

This weekend was a mad family reunion and only the back of my neck got sunburned... hmmmm

Lots and lots of packing.

Enjoying the few days Dan was here.

Lots and lots of packing.

Not so much knitting.

I did, however, work on a dishcloth yesterday while at the opthamalogist. Another patient was knitting, too! I can also knit while my eyes are fully dialated. This impressed the doctor.

The next week is going to be lots and lots of packing and craziness and interviews (!!!) so, the blog might be a bit sporadic. I aplogize in advance.

And as to Beth's comments on my last post...

I agree that the government's "run for your life" attitude is because of the public's "run for your life" attitude but I believe that the government should take a role in shaping the public opinion. I think it serves them politically to have us living in fear. The problem is that living in fear only hurts us. We have to live prepared. Not prepared to run for our lives, but prepared to stay calm and evacuate in an orderly fashion.

There are a few other factors in the British reaction to the bombings. One is the sterotypical stiff upper lip that England, most notably London, is known for. You go on with your life and don't really let emotion show through that much excpet to the ones you're closest to. The other one, and this (in my humble opinion) played a HUGE role in the success of evacuation and the search and rescue operations last Thursday is that London is prepared to deal with mass transit disasters. There have been some awful accidents on the tube before and the more I reflect on what happened, the more I realize that if, god forbid, I should ever be involved in a subway disaster, I would hope it would be in London. I haven't taken the tube that many times, but even I know what to do in case of an emergency. That, and London just has more terrorist experience. This is a different brand of terrorism than the IRA or the devastation of the Blitz, true, but they just have more experience.

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keelyerin said...

jen-tastick : ) thanks for the comment the other day re: my NEWS :)

i'm moving into the new place this weekend. maybe next week sometime if you're free you could come over. we could hang out. knit. eat. etc.

in other news, know any cute boys? ;)