Tuesday, July 05, 2005

Interweave Knits Review!

So... as promised, my review!

I'm not going to skip most of the intro articles as there are a lot of them, and I like them. I tend to like Interweave a lot.

Anyway, patterns...

Greek Tunic Pullover Sharon Shoji Love love love. Want want want. Simple, yet lovely. I've been scoping out possible sales on Kid Classic. Because, you know, that's what I need, MORE YARN.
Chenille Cutaway Jacket Teva Durham Interesting shaping, but not a good look if you have any hint of a stomach. Unless, you're pregnant. This might actually work for maternity wear, but I'm not sure. It depends on where it hits.
Cable Cascade Pullover Jennifer Appleby A bulky cable and lace pullover that makes it look like you have no shoulders or bust, but big hips.
Fur-Trimmed Wrap Pam Allen A wrap top that would be really nice if it wasn't fur-trimmed and if it didn't have dolman sleeves. Yes. Dolman sleeves. Ew.
Essential Indulgence Leslie Scanlon This could be a nice, simple sweater. A bit boring to knit, but nice line, if the exposed seams didn't run down the top of the arm.
Union Square Market Pullover Kate Gilbert This is the cover design. If it had a decent neckline, it could be OK. The problem, is the little fold-y over bit is created by excess fabric that is then folded and buttoned over. This could look alright, IF YOU NEVER MOVE.

I will pause here to give a shout out to the really cool article on Shibori.

Drop-Stitch Cardigan Amy King A bulky, basic cardigan that everyone needs, except that, instead of ribbed, the stiches are dropped and um, why?
Weekend Getaway Satchel Marta McCall I'm torn on this. On one hand, I have to respect the work and talent that went into it. But on the other hand, just because you can, doesn't mean you should... maybe if the colors were more muted. Or maybe if you were a British nanny.
Veste Everest Veronik Avery A nice, basic, cabled vest. Nothing overly special, but I like it.
Felted Floral Capelet Nicky Epstein Why is this shown on an adult? Why is this not a children's pattern?
Textured Coat Mari Lynn Patrick This makes the model look extremely hippy. The rest of us are doomed.
Blissful Jacket Debbie Bliss Misses the mark. I think it could be good if she weaved her ends in instead of leaving them out as a "design element"
Vintage-Inspired Jacket Deborah Newton Meh. Nice article documenting the design process, though. But seriously? The cable that goes up the side and down the underarm... what's with that?
Fair Isle Hoodie and Cardigan Annie Modesitt Generally I really like Annie's stuff, so this is hard, so I'll be brief. Why Annie? Why? With the gaping closures and the the colors and the cables and just why?! Maybe with more muted colors? I just don't think the fair isle and cables mix in this setting.
Bulky Brioche Raglan Ann Budd Um... This looks like a really comfy sweater, but the bulky means it won't look good on anyone and shouldn't be worn out of the house.
Cabled Shrug Shirley Pade I'm not big on shrugs, so this was doomed from the start, but seriously, Shirley? TAPER YOUR SLEEVES. Wearing this would be a disaster waiting to happen. I do like the cable pattern though. I might use it in something else.
Fair Isle Skirt Mary Jane Mucklestone Interesting. I'm wary of knit skirts, as I fear bubble-butt. Also there's something weird about how the increases look. They mess up the line a bit.
Braided Blues Norah Gaughan A basic, but nice men's sweater.
Suede Vest Margie Stanton The straps are too thin for a vest, so it looks like a tank top. A bulky tank top.
Poncho Loco Lots of ponchos for the staff project. Wee. Ponchos. Oooo. I will however, give props to the Hip to be Square Poncho Sandi Wiseheart as it's something new...
Canteen Bag Rachel Battaglia Nissen Simple, but nice.
Brioche Helmet Hat Kelly Bridges Basic, cute, kids hat.
Rib and Cable Socksm Nancy Bush Nice socks.
Laptop Cases Leigh Radford Not sure how practicle this is. I do like the design, but seriously, turning things on their side to make the stripes vertical? Not rocket science.

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Beth said...

That was wierd. I loved all of the ones you hated and was not so fond of your favorites. Maybe I should be scared of that shrug. Still love you though!