Monday, July 25, 2005

Actual Knitting Content!

So... for those who don't know, I am currently between houses.

We have moved out of our Ann Arbor apartment and into the one in Silver Spring, except that I'm still in A2 for a few weeks, living with a friend (who is currently in Europe) out of a suitcase.

So, I brought limited yarn, but I thought I'd fill you in:

1. Dishcloth yarn. Have one on the needles, but ready to do some bigger projects again.

2. Dan's socks. Broke the damn tip off the needle! Also, really small needles and my hands are jiving right now. Also, store out of that size.

3. Chocolate Decadance sweater: swatched, and mathed-out for the pattern, but need a smaller needle to cast on and do the bottom with. Will purchase tonight.

4. Colinette Vest: has been taken off of time-out! And is now being worked on. Did almost the entire back after the arm-hole split last night. Hope to finish this up this weekend. I'm afraid I'll run out of Isis as I've wasted a bit and want to do all the trim in it, but I think I'll just break down and buy another skein.

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