Friday, July 29, 2005

Oooo! Picture! and a funny? story

See me in my new hat? Sexy, no?

Also, you can see the beginnings of Chocolate Decadance, there in my hands!

Thanks to Kim for the photo, who took it for me at Knit-In. Yay!

I'm thinking of dying my hair a darker shade of brown.

Me=in need of a job. I'm starting to freak out. Just a little bit.

But here's a funny (?) story for you.

So, I'm housesitting in a real live house. Not an apartment. HOUSE.

I decide the order myself a birthday present on Amazon. I send it to me at the house.

Me, being the person I am, track my pacakge compulsively, because, man, I couldn't wait to hear the Acoustic Brazil CD. So, imagine my suprise when the tracking this says they tried to deliver it but no one was home and so they left a mesage... now, of course no one was home. They tried to deliver it at 3.21, and me? with the day job having? was at work.

Anywho... the surprising bit was that there was no message left at all. And besides? When did the post office stop just leaving boxes between the screen and storm doors? Because, me temporarily living in a real house? TOTALLY WOULD HAVE FIT.

So, I go down to the post office, to get my box. I'm slightly worried as my ID shows I have no claim to packages sent to that address, but I have the print out saying that the post office has my package. I have the print out from Amazon saying that I told them to mail the package to the new address, but that my credit card is still billed to the old address. The old address, being, of course, the one on my ID.

But of course, to do this means I have to leave work early, because the post office closes at 5. So I get there and the lady can't find my package. She says its because my name wasn't on the mailbox is why I didn't get the notice.

Excuse me?? IT'S A HOUSE. No one's name is on the mailbox. NO ONE'S. The only thing on the mailbox is... nothing! It's a mailbox! WTF?

So I get to hang out and talk to her manager who tells me that they probably send the package back because I "didn't tell anyone" I was living there. Since when does the POST OFFICE care?! I'm there for like, 2 weeks. And that I should put my name on the mailbox.

I once again stated the fact that NO ONE'S NAME IS ON THE STUPID MAILBOX BECAUSE IT'S A HOUSE not an apartment building with a row of metal boxes!!!! And that I was only there on an extrememly temporary basis. She then said that everything then should be sent c/o guy whose house it is.

Gah. But she found my box in the "to be sent back pile"

Am I completely off base that this is totally whack? I mean, what if I had a kid with a different last name? Do I need to notify the post office of such things or will all presents be returned to Grandma?

Does this make sense to anyone else? Is your name on your mailbox?


LE said...

some post offices keep track of who lives in what house, so that when mail is mis-addressed, they know where to send it. My old PO in Pocasset did. And in Bangor, I get all the mail addressed to next door with my name on it, because the mail carrier knows I live here.

Kimberly said...

weird! I could see that happening in a small town maybe.. but A2?! Why should they care?! I get mis-addressed stuff all the time! That is totally f@*#ed