Wednesday, July 06, 2005

Secret Knitting

So my friend Kate came over tonight and fixed my bike! And all I had to do was let her raid my patten library so she can knit her boy a sweater.

Not only is my friend Kate awesome at fixing bikes, but she's wicked smart in other ways. Like the Econ way. She used to work for the Fed, but now she's a PhD student here in A2. Her boy? Also wicked smart. As in he's a theoretical physisict. So, obviously, he's also CRAZY. Ha ha ha. Just kidding. He does have a really long beard though.

Also, Kate and I learned how to knit in the same class, making her my oldest knit-buddy.

Also, my most awesomest secret pal sent me a PACKAGE!

That package has 3 skeins of yarn (2 Peace Fleece!) some buttons, a cool cross stitch kit that's a postage stamp, a change of address kit AND the latest issue of InKnitters, which isn't in the photo, because it was on the coffee table, because I was reading it. She sent it because it has an article on beaded knitting, which is convienent, because remember my secret knitting? Remember that Japanese book I'm lusting after that you can buy me here?

Well, check it out!

Weird things about this. I would swear those are my sister's hands, except, she's not in this STATE (but will be tomorrow! YAY!) But I don't think I've ever really thought about her hands, but when I saw these pictures, I just thought, those aren't my hands! They're Abbey's!

Also, I was making a coy-looking-off-into-the-distance face when Kate took these, even though I new my face wouldn't be in them!!!

Also, I've been knitting more discloths for Project Scrubbie:

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Anonymous said...

Love your secret knitting! The beads are fab! Now that I've read your blog more, I can see that you're a much more advanced knitter than I am. I'll try to do better with my next package, but I'm glad you liked it. :-)

-Chickie Masla, your secret pal. :-)