Friday, July 22, 2005

An Open Letter

Dear Art Fair,

Or as snotty Ann Arborites insist we call it, Art Fairs, because god forbid they merge into one and only shut down one large portion of town instead of lots of little bits of it.


Dear Art Fairs,

I hate you.

Most of your stuff is crap and I can't believe you make a living selling something like that.

I hate the fact you double my commute time.

I hate the fact you take all my parking at work.

I hate the fact that you bring in lots of people from out of town who don't realize that 4 way stops and 1 way streets work the same way in Ann Arbor as they do in your stupid city.

I hate the fact that I can't do anything whe you're here.

I hate the fact that for an entire week, I have to plan my life around you.

It's not Art, and it's not Fair.

Dear Art Fair,

Please die.

Thank you,

OIY. And I couldn't go to knitting on Tuesday because I drove around for 15 minutes trying to find a parking spot for under $10. I normally don't pay for parking on knitting nights. Or, if I do, it costs me aorund $3. And I could have parked further away and walked a bit, normally not an issue but I couldn't get to further away because of all the hordes of idiots that had taken over downtown and Art Fair hadn't even started yet. Grrrrr. So I went home in a huff.

I did do some group knitting last night with people from the shop.

I snapped off the point of my Brittany size 1.



keelyerin said...

omg! i work in modern languages building. the "street art fair" or as it is known to me "the extra expensive and uber-annoying with a smattering of useless art fair" is literally SURROUNDING my building.

i am lucky, though, as i have a blue lot pass and can park in my garage across from my building by flashing said blue pass and being let through barricades, but it is still a HUGE pain in the ass.

pain. in. the. ass.

in other art fair news i saw a lady (pedestrian) get hit by a van (of dumb people from ohio, says their plates) at the corner of state and huron. glad i'm not her.

Denise said...

Pssst...the two-dollar garage off of Liberty, just west of Sweetwaters, is always open. Except that you need $2 to get in the gate. I just make sure I always have $2 with me when I head out for Knit In.