Thursday, June 13, 2002

63 hours without email. grrrrrr. It is coming soon, though. They have to bring users back on one-by-one, and have been since 4 am this morning. Of course, I am probably lowest priority and at the end of the list, alaphebetically (one more reason to change my name when I get married!)

I managed to totally mess up my blog's appearance. Hmmmm. I tried to fix it, but it takes awhile for template changes to go into effect. We'll see if it worked.

Linen stitch scarf is now at 37 inches! yay!

I frogged the black shawl I found. I also proved that the yarn used, is, indeed acrylic, which makes me not want to make another shawl with it. I could make a cardigan and might even have enough yarn for such things, but it's so thin I don't want to go there. I'm thinking of making a dress with it--lace dress with some sort of lining.

ALSO! I skipped the idea of the cabled sweater with the chunky green yarn. Instead, I'm going to make a loooooooong cardigan. I have this gorgeous thick-and-thin earthtone varigated yarn I bought in China that I haven't used yet. If I go buy some navy chunky (which should be affordable, as the green in Wool-Ease, so the navy should be, too) then I can do a stripey cardigan. I'm thinking something like 3 green rows, 1 thick and think row, 3 blue rows, 1 thick and thin row, 3 green rows. With all the trim done in thick and thin. Yeah, I like that idea!

Mary comes to town this weekend! YAY! And we will go shoe shopping to for shoes to go with that absolutely faboo red dress I bought last night from Stop Staring!

My new issue of BUST came a few days ago. BUST loves knitting and I love their adds! I'd like to give a shout-out to Fresh Baked Goods. I wanna work for you!

BOOK YOU NEED TO READ Women's Work: The First 20,000 Years by Elizabeth Wayland Barber (whom I've had the pleasure of meeting. She rules! And was the best lecturer to visit campus all year!) Amazingly well researched with lots of new info written in a very conversational style! Check it out from your library today! (And if you want to buy it, it's not out of print. Don't believe Amazon.)

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