Thursday, June 06, 2002

One sleeve done! YAY!

Got Harmony Stitch Guides vol. 4 and 5 in the mail yesterday (250 Creative Knitting Stiches, 220 Aran Stitches) So I now have a plan for the bulky green yarn.

Projects in order:
1. Tank top boob cups
2. Other sleeve/tank top body (depending when yarn for the body gets here, maybe today, maybe Monday)
3. Other sleeve/tank top body. I want to get the tank top done so I can wear it to the cocktail party at LGSA!
4. Something for Catherine! ACK!
5. Linen stitch sweater
6.Beaded/Chenille Scarf
7. Bulky Green Sweater (should go quick!)
8. Something with that kidsilk. (It's small enough, I'm gonna save it for Manchester.)

Do I want to get a La Lana one-skein wonder kit? ACK!

diminish the yarn supply,
diminish the yarn supply,
diminish the yarn supply...

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