Friday, June 07, 2002

First bra cup is progressing nicely, despite the fact I didn't get any knitting done last night due to a road trip to Des Moines to see Mary and Star Wars. Mary and I really shouldn't be allowed to go to movies together, especially after gin and tonic!

Catherine's "something" has moved up on the priority list. But what to make her????? I have 2 skeins of purple yarn, worsted, different (but complimentary shades) plus I have several skeins of colors in the same brand in colors that would match... but what to make? That remains the big mystery. Something small, but meaningful in nice, after all she's done for me over the years... hmmm...

I really am dumb, as I went and ordered 2 of La Lana Wool's One-Skein Wonders I can justify the 2, because I wanted to make the "Magic Fez" but it needs one + a bit skein and then all of them take 1/2 a skein of silk, BUT the website promises that after I take out that bit, I'll still have enough to make the Florentine Gloves, and that'll take care of the other 1/2 skein of silk... sigh I'm dumb, but SOOOOOOOOOO excited for it to get here so I can drool on it!

I think I'm going to add a few beads to both projects, and then in that navy sport weight I have, knit gloves with chenille trim, to match the scarf, so it'll be a semi-matching, definetely coordinating set. Much better for British weather than all my heavy outerwear in country colors that are perfect for Iowa winters!

I have all these sweaters on my list, mainly because I want to have them in Manchester, but don't want to have to take the yarn... but it's June! Who wants to be knitting sweaters when I won't wear them anytime soon????? hmmm.

I want all my yarn to come (The La Lana stuff and the ribbon from Crytal Palace I'm getting 104 and have 106 in hand) I want that book I ordered from amazon to come.

I don't want to be at work. Blah.

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