Tuesday, June 18, 2002

Final attempt... HA ... had to frog it. It just didn't look right when I tried the one cup on, so know I'm going with a whole new design attempt at for the booby cups. This one looks a lot more promising, but I'm not holding my breath. At least it's knitting up more quickly and using less yarn.

So I'm thinking of knitting a bunch of scarves to use up all my acrylic stash and sending them to soldiers in Afghanistan... that's not supporting the war effort, is it? Hmmmm...

Super-faboo red dress came in the mail today and there was some good news, and some bad news. Bad news: dress doesn't fit. Good news: my normal size is too big, so I can pretend that I lost weight, even though I didn't.

No LaLorna wool today, but UPS sent me a postcard saying they couldn't deliver to my PO box and could I give them a street address. I think LaLorna is the only people I gave my PO box to, as I thought they were shipping USPS, anyway, the phantom UPS package (which could also be books, but I think I gave all the book people my street address) comes tomorrow. YAY.

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