Thursday, June 20, 2002

This boobcup for the tank top WILL work! The trick is too make it much more full-coverage than you think you want.

I think the tank top is turning into a halter.

Skip the v-neck 3/4 sleeve thing. I'll make that later when I gets some $$$$$... in the mean time, the blue will be a tank top with beaded bottom and top bands and straps. The red will be a beaded stole. The lalana wools will NOT be beaded, as I just looked at the beads and remembered that I bought them for a much thiner yarn. Heh.

In other news, the University of Manchester Archives/Special Collections cannot offer me a paying position, but will offer me volunteer work, which will certainly beef up the old resume and be an amazing experience. NOT ONLY THAT, but they called me CV "impressive" which makes me hold out hope for some other archive to offer me a paying position. I'm also still crossing my fingers on the PA/research position at the EOC. Applications don't close until the 24th, so hopefully I'll find out then. My glimmer of hope: they're hiring 4 PA positions (at least) plus 4 other positions. Maybe enough people won't apply. That, and I told them it wasn't the position, it was the EOC, so maybe they'll stick me someplace else. I just hope it pays!

There's always the pub.

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