Tuesday, June 11, 2002

I have all these little balls of yarn left over from Peace Fleece projects that are eventually going to be an afghan. I should tell Leanee to bring over her leftovers that she was trying to pawn off on me. She's coming over tonight to raid my stash. YAY!

Email and network storage have been down all day. I was going to be soooooo productive at work today, I swear, but without access to my files, it's been really hard. I can do very elementary things on all these projects, but I can't get to the meat of them. Grrrrr.

Then, when I was at lunch, Dan called from Berlin I missed it by 2 minutes, and the message was taken for me, so I don't even get to hear hi voice over voice mail. Gargh. He said he'd call back and I've been afraid to leave the archives for anything or to call anyone. I'm just sitting here, waiting by the phone. I feel like a loser, but not.

37 days until Manchester! And today I noticed that the Manchester City Archives is thinking of hiring researchers at something INSANE like 18 pounds ($26.45!) an hour! To do what I do here for $6.75! Hells yeah! Of course, I can't email them my CV if email's down, now can I? GRRRRRRRRRR.

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