Wednesday, June 05, 2002

I am seriously aching for a knitting community now that I'm in Grinnell, alone. There is a "Sit and Knit" that meets Thursday afternoons, but I need to be at work then. How perfectly grandma-ish would it be of me to close down the archives so I could go knit?

I miss my knitting girls, who are now scattered across the country, soon to be globe. Emily found my listmania! list on Amazon yesterday, though. She thought it was great! I will find new knitting girls in Manchester. 43 more days. 43 more days. 43 more days.

I'm looking for a really inspiring lace shawl pattern for the absolute gorgeousness that is Rowan's kidsilk haze (mohair and silk makes me skin long to be touched just thinking about it). I have 2 colors, bright burgundy (poison is the official color title) and deep blue (officially called lord). 2 skeins of the red and abour 2.5 of the blue. Each skein is 25 grams, 210 meters). Hmmmm. Maybe I should just buy some more. I was originally thinking of a variation on the twinset-- burgandy camisole with a blue shawl.

I also have beads to possible do a beaded shawl BUT I also have an idea of what to do with some of that navy wool sportweight I just got on Ebay. So I have one 60 yard skein of Muench's Touch Me! left in a luxurious ice blue. If I knit it REALLY TIGHTLY (to prevent worming, and use some of the types that KnitU's been posting lately) then can I do stripes of the chenille in stockinette and beaded lace stripes of the navy??? This, of course, is all dependant on whether or not I can get the beads onto the sportweight, as I bought them to go with the kidsilk haze... hmmmmm...

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