Monday, June 03, 2002

Lace Scarf = Done and Blocked!!!! YAY! I should probably re-block or iron, because it's still a bit curly, but I have to place to do that right now (I'm housesitting with devil kitty).

Green Ribbed Turtle-Sweater has been pulled out of the UFO pile. Sleeve number one is 1/3 of the way done. Once I get the sleeves done, the knitting's done and it's just finishing, which is minimal, because it's knit in the round.

Has anyone done a lot of knitting with tape/ribbon yarn? Hints? It seems to twist a lot, but if I throw the ball across the room, it seems to help (thanks KnitU for giving me that tip for chenille--it transfers). I got 2 skeins of Crystal Palace's new deco-ribbon. It's red with black stripes and I'm thinking of buying some of the black with red stripes and making a tank top. What I have in mind is Lily Chin's bra from The Urban Knitter but attaching a body to it (in a looser gauge). Bra in red, body in black. Have to check out the finances first, though.

Non-Knitting News 45 days until I move to Manchester! Still need a job. Gah.

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