Tuesday, June 11, 2002

So, I went back to the scarf last night and realized that it was really really dense (I was doing it with 3 colors of worsted weight, one row stripes in linen stitch, on size 10.5s) and the drape was horrible, so I frogged the whole thing and went up to size 11s. Much nicer. It's now about 15 inches long, which means that it's knitting up much more quickly, too. Makes me happy. I'm doing it in lavender, meduim purple, and sea foam green. It's really pretty in an easter-egg sort of way. I would never wear it, but the colors are still fun to work with, so there's one more reason to knit gifts-- work with colors and fibers that you would never ever wear.

I sorted my stash last night, as I had to upgrade rubbermaid sizes. But I got rid of the big purple ugly bin and got a nice long, flat clear one, but much bigger than the other nice, long, flat clear one. So know I have 2. The smaller one is for projects currently on my list of things that need to be knitted. The chunky wool for the cabled sweater didn't even make it in there... Also, WIPS go in there. I found WIPs last night that I had completley forgotten about. Oops. Now the question is, if I had forgotten about them, are they worth putting back on the list, or should I just frog them and find something else to do with the yarn?? Hmmmmm...

In the bag (in order of importance)
Catherine's scarf
Tank Top yarn (the top half)
Green Ribbed Turtle Sweater (too hot to think about!)

In the box (in order of importance)
Tank Top yarn (bottom half)
Kid Haze (saving for Manchester)
Linen Stitch Sweater yarn (manchester?)
Blue yarn (for gloves and socks--manchester)
Purple yarn for Mom's hat/mittens. Gagh. I really need to do those. I really don't *want* to do those!
Black shawl I forgot about and corresponding yarn.
Log cabin afghan in horrible Red Heart that I was only making to have something machine washable and to get that horrible Red Heart out of my stash. My friends need to start having babies. That's the only solution for such crappy yarn!

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