Friday, June 14, 2002

Scarf's only up to 40 inches. I really gotta get moving, but I found the uber-super deluxe sewing machine at the house I'm house-sitting for, so this weekend I will be making myself the new needle cases I so desperately need (pink leopard print with silver trim). The woman I'm house sitting for has a quilting studio. When I'm all done with grad school and the like, and get my own house, I want a studio to do all my handiwork in. I think that means we need a 5 bedroom house, because Dan's going to want an office too, plus our bedroom and 2 kids... hmmmmm... I don't think we'll be able to afford all that.

I have email, BUT the past 3 days worth have been eaten. This makes me sad sad sad. That and I can only send email to other addresses, so my inbox has a few "Jennie, where the hell are you??" messages that I can't respond to. I want to scream.

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